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Design Ideas!!!

I am a fan of industrial design and architectural design...hey heck actually the design process in general fascinates me. Here are some pics of designs that have lately that caught my eye.

A touch surface designed by Hyundai based on the Microsoft Surface coffee tables. I like this one better as it brings the overall bulkiness and weight down. The form factor allows at least some leg space while playing the touch surface games or flicking info from your home server to your phone or vice versa. 

Ireland's new Convention Centre Dublin uses ingenius engineering and an omniscient mother brain to monitor and adjust itself. The result? Zero carbon footprint. Cool Design and is magical with different colored lighting. 

A skyscraper designed and that grows underground. I wonder where the parking lot is on this one. 

This bridge is coming up in Seoul, Korea. The design includes to have shops, museums, and small art shops. Looks cools from the outside but how do you stop and park midway? The si…