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Essentials in Value Demonstration for EA Group

The enterprise architecture function provides value add to the enterprise if conducted, observed and applied correctly. In fact it is among the top questions senior management wants an answer from its EA group as they propel forward in pushing technology as a optimized strategy and service level component.  The EA group should approach by addressing the value question posed by lending clarity to organizational processes, identifying the stakeholders (internal & external) and creating  a matrix of value chain expectations that are measurable and reportable to the senior leadership.

The matrix essentially has weights attached to it and the EA group can go as specific as possible. The complexity rises if there is a PMO office and multi-level projects and programs are being executed in tandem. The weights of the matrix should try to constitute or answer to a value class that your EA group is trying to address to show results. These value classes' primarily relate to strategic dir…

Vulnerability Research

Recently one of our clients is going through a major transition of implementing new systems with few other vendors, actually a chaos of new systems interacting with each other. The implementation has been rushed and  though the system functions as they are supposed to as stand alone out of the box solutions without fulfilling much of the business's initiatives. There are some major vulnerabilities within the system architecture, the implementation has been driven by lack of understanding of the domain and the business logic that drives it.

I spent less time reading about vulnerability research and QA control mechanisms, but the current implementation  at XYZ corp. has spiked my interest back in this area. The vulnerabilities market for security experts is not as lucrative as it used to be but I suspect this will have its own economic shift cycles as information and services of organizations move more into the cloud and SAAS based environments.

Currently there remains a lack of in…