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Data Artisan's

I like the term "Data Artisans"

George Mathew, president and COO of Alteryx, predicts one of the hottest jobs in the future will be the "data artisan," a hybrid role that mixes data analysis with business savvy. "Data artisans will be asked to pull from structured and unstructured sources to drive the most important decisions within an organization -- like where it should open its next retail location, whether to pursue a new market, and which products to push,"

There's a lot of talk about big Data! and data artisans will be the new breed of thinkers that are strategically going to make management revolution by utilizing the technology around them. Though these are fancy new terms and not new for manager's who have always used data driven approach, yet the software tools that are available have grown leaps and bounds. These tools allow Data Artisans for handling large volume's of data, along with speed at which this data is being collected in …