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Innovation...Is About Thinking Out of The Box!

Innovation comes in different forms/flavors and fall into different categories. Talking about categories some of them fall into expensive ones while others stare jeeringly from opposite spectrum of the price band. I love it when new product design and innovations falls in the least expensive category because more people can afford it and from the business perspective you can make much more money. Didn't Swatch the in-expensive watch maker take control over expensive brand watch companies?. Also on a different note though the automobile's internal combustion engine is a marvelous invention, the windshield wiper is an equally innovating invention that has saved millions of lives in tough weather situations.

Well today's review is on iPad stands. One of them, called the 'Joule', has the whopping sticker price of $129 and the other one, merely $0.69, was discovered by New York Time multimedia editor Andrew Devignal who picked up the cheap plastic card holder and conver…

3D TV's and 3D Technology

Media hacks, home automation and theater room design are one of my hobbies and interests among the million other things I get involved in. Now that the top manufacturers have released their entry level 3D TV's and the release of Avatar and other 3D rich content on their way to blu-ray I decided to put a 3D FAQ here for future reference when I shop for a 3D TV or implement it with Runco 3D projector some day. I took these FAQ's from Engadget and have eliminated many of the questions that I feel may not interest the lay reader.

What are the different 3D content formats?

Just like HD has different resolutions, 3D has different formats. There is frame compatible that is backwards compatible with set-top boxes, then there is the new MVC AVC codec that requires new equipment but it does double the resolution. It is the left image plus the difference for the right.

Isn't frame compatible half the resolution of HD?
No, it's actually the exact same resolution as HD. Sure it would…

Every Employee As a 'Business Analyst'

Business Analysis along with operational research have always been fascinating subjects to me. I have been lucky to have been part of requirement analysis for projects that need translation of business needs to geek for business process (BP) implementation. Business analysis provides a foundational stone of building especially when new changes are implemented in business processes, initiation of new projects or while making paradigm shifts in operational management. When an organization goes through these changes the tools sets in the BA's life becomes a combination of skills and behaviors he or she has developed over the course of years in terms of modelling, systemic thinking, inter-personal communication, root cause analysis, and general analytical skills. Keep in mind however, the end result in whatever way these skills are employed by the BA, the end objective is to improve and make the business better.

Using prototypes and models have long been and become the life source of …

Google Cloud Print Service

So as suspected Google wants to give you the ability to print from any web centric mobile device copying the way Apple has shown that it is moving the .mac service. One of the biggest problem with the Chrome OS and the browser in general in my opinion the lack of printer stacking or drivers that can be recognized on the fly. The way they are or will be trying to overcome this for the Chrome OS as per the grapevine is - when a print request is send into the cloud it will come to what they call 'Google-stations' which will translate those instructions to the nearest printer, before that sending a signal to retrieve the type of printer and thereby update the drivers if missing on the 'Google-station' and resending the translated instructions of data over the internet. I have used apps over my iphone that do a similar thing but updating and recognizing the printer via the cloud is more easier said than done.  Though a database of all the printers ever made can be built, t…


As speed of serving customers and accessing information in real time becomes a crunch piece to stay ahead in the marketplace. The power of the web is being harnessed by every corporate player to make their service offerings viable, deliverable and to expand their own piece of the pie. The last decade on the web has slowly surfaced as being or becoming the integral part of every one’s life, it is no surprise that in the last five years social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger and the million others have exploded in their user base and numbers. Its ultimately volume that decides the fate of your business today, quality though important can be delivered over the period of service.The primary motivators are if you are cheap, reliable and substantial on the cloud a user base will follow, once hooked they will be willing to pay the price and support it.

Disruptive technologies are here to stay and very well form the preferable mode of communication and they ar…

Treating IT as Investment Strategy

As budgets tighten and economies of scale change resources in the IT sector are under purview to cut backs.Traditionally support systems are where these cutbacks take place first. I have evangelized and advised otherwise where ever I have worked, my idea is until you start viewing IT as vital investment piece that correlates closely to corporate strategy and planning functions, organizations will not be competitive or flexible in the ever changing landscape of business. So when it comes to IT projects  a culture of treating each IT project as an investment right from the top of the chain of command to the project directors and project managers who bring the implementation to fruition becomes vital in driving  of overall corporate strategy. That is why in IT Governance models,  CIO's, CTO's, CEO's and CFO work in tandem and are key contributors in guiding the overall processes to align with the big picture of the organization. A culture set that way is always able to recogni…