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Service Design

I have talked about Service Design in terms of Enterprise Architecture strategies but take a look of another video from Design Consultancy firm Continuum. I like the emphasis of connecting everything together so one message, and your set of core values is communicated through multiple touch points.

One of my senior leaders in the organization calls the same concept using the analogy of building ramps to connect to the highway which we nurture to build relationships with the customer, our end user or FAMILY!!


 Sam Kurien

Concept Day Made of Glass- Part 2

I had posted an earlier version of this in the past about "Corning Glass" a company in Ohio that makes Gorilla glass. From time to time they come up with concept vision videos like this about what dreams can become in glass and gadgets interfaces. My friend DAS send me this over enjoy "A Day made of Glass 2. Expanded Corning Vision" - Courtesy of Corning Glass.

The New IT PlayBook

Technology departments in non-tech companies have always prided themselves in traditionally staying one step behind on the curve caution of adopting new disruptive technologies or the hottest and the latest trends. This is part because of sound reasons like management questioning dollar spending and partly because of integration of legacy systems and thought patterns of looking at that change is not worth at this time.

This has resulted in practices where native apps are supported extensively, infrastructure perimeters are protected instead of sensitive data. And avoiding in looking into efficiency that pertain to cloud offerings and empowering employees that bring personal devices that conglomerate into the IT infrastructure. But the new IT playbook is about being more agile, more mobile, more lighter and less expensive. The new playbook dictates that if technology component does not follow this model will result in them being cost center's and support centers rather than strate…

One of the Best Videos I have seen on Scrum...enjoy!

I like the flexibility of Agile development methods, the idea of great tool is to spend less time with it and produce great results that match with business objectives, mission and Strategy.


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