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Sixth Sense

Pranav Mistry's talk at TED created a quite bit of stir in 2009 on sixth sense and lot of patents still on hold flowing out of that research. But yesterday in our discussion at lunch I got an insight this may be even going beyond and surpassing the idea of embedding anything in the human body. Why embed anything when you can manipulate data with devices and objects in the natural world. Being a kingdom person I am more inclined to go this way.. .anyway apart from the philosophical and theological argument on this enjoy this TED talk that I have embedded here...or catch other fascinating talks at

New Concept Yacht

Feadship and CRN Yachts have some of my favorite naval architect designers. The guys at feadship have unveiled a new concepts having learnt some interesting lessons from mother nature. The SS Nautilus is almost becoming a reality :) at least in as a design concept!

Another very similar neat design is the "Phoenicia" designed by industrial designer Richard Partington. See image below:

Now it would be cool if this can sink deep ocean like a submersible. The hull design continues to get refined for this to become a possiblity on this scale of size and spaciousness inside.

drool and enjoy!

Sam Kurien.

Infinity Blade - Dungeons released

I have been a fan of the Infinity Blade games for the iPad and their use of unreal game engine. This one at Apple's keynote for their new release in April definitely raised the bar in bringing lots of cinematography and film techniques to the game with insane resolutions. Enjoy the well done trailer video: