Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Testing Your Business Case Before Presentation

Road Testing Your Business Case Before Presentation

I have been writing business cases for a couple of years. I have found a compelling business case helps you as a visionary provide a case for senior management, stakeholders and peers to see the "why" as to how this project/program is an important component of growth. It will endeavor to answer the performance measures or the change & it's management needed to move your organization forward. It also helps you to credibly show how this project or program fits into the big picture of  strategic initiatives of the organization. So, the advise is after you have laid out your draft call some key players to a pow- wow session to give you insights into your initiative. Send them a rough draft and sufficient time to read through your case. Welcome their criticisms before and after you meet because on presentation day you have allies and supporters when the tough questions are fielded at you. During presentation use the feedback you got as credibility points and give your peers and seniors honor and appreciation in having helped you draft your case.

Simple practices like this help you push forward your business case.


Sam Kurien

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