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Quick Windows Shortcuts

After setting up multiple displays at home and because of cable clutter I could not move my left side monitor, based on desktop identity - so to fling a window to the left monitor I had to go through the monitor on my right and drag the windows to the one on the left. This was frustrating but a cool windows trick helped to get this resolved quickly. Holding down the Windows logo key along with shift and using left or right arrows key literally moves the active windows to the left or right monitor.

For your reference other cool short cuts I find routinely useful on the keyboard are Windows logo key + T to launch pinned applications on the task bar; Windows logo key + spacebar to get quick peek on the desktop; Windows logo key + L to lock the computer to avoid those intrusive office workers; Windows logo key + 1,2,3 each number when pressed in launches application in the order they are pinned on the taskbar; and finally the lazy man's delete highlight the file and press shift + Del…