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Vendor Management for Application Security - Best Practices

Managing enterprise risk in organizations is getting complex every day as 65% - 70% of software's used by an organization are from outside vendors. The ecosystem's of vendor-supplied software ranging from desktop applications to cloud solutions and in between all of the heterogeneous mix of applications used to manage the enterprise's network increasingly demands that CIO's  take care of Governance and Risk Compliance practices seriously. Yet the amount of man-power required and capacity in existing IT staff is less than ideal with all the stuff they are asked to do on a daily basis. We live in an age where vendor supplied applications run the operations of a business with heavy exposure for the organization towards security vulnerabilities, liabilities and risk.

A PWC study I read in 2012 said that less 1 in 5 enterprises conduct security assessment's on their vendors even when an average typical enterprise may carry 300+ vendor applications in their enterprise p…

Disrupt or Be Disrupted!

As competition in the free market increases every day - business models and business strategies continue to evolve. Innovation will drive disruption in business models from players that will disrupt the current practices of existing business's in order to create a niche in the marketplace. The challenge for existing business's is to continue to disrupt or die in this game. Famous examples of a disrupter was Netflix who with its innovative web content streaming for movies, TV shows and a robust supply chain resulted in the closing down of traditional movie rental shops like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. However players like Amazon, Hulu, Google have entered in as disrupters in this space threatening the very disrupter (Netflix) and stopping their march of web-media delivery domination. It seems like it is a familiar pattern the disrupter comes into the market with an innovation, flys high for a while and then gets disrupted with evolving market and technological changes. As …