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Purpose Maximizers

Just saw a fantastic presentation and findings of Dan Pink on what motivates people and how we can build organizations that better serve for the larger purpose of common good. I like the term he uses 'Purpose Maximizers' as they are people who are motivated by challenge, purpose, and are drawn into building something bigger than themselves. For example one of my foremost passions and purposes is to build the kingdom of God and that may translate in my realm & passion  in terms of bringing education and a biblical world view to the customers that I serve. Though this may be the purpose that drives me I still need to pay the bills and provide for my family. But the latter becomes secondary in terms of achieving something great collectively and that really becomes a motivating force/factor when you get people who are like minded in executing this purpose. I follow Bill Gates foundation and at his last speech at Harvard and TED the challenge he has been throwing out to the bri…

Counter arguments on attackers of SAAS!

Recently Information Week came out with an article that SAAS models were not always the best mode to go for enterprises to switch to cloud computing and the arguments that they gave basically were the following. I have marked them in italics and counter argued my point.

Not always cheaper. My colleague John Foley writes how San Jose CIO Steve Ferguson ran the numbers and found his creaky Outlook/Office 2003 costs $1.88 per user per month, compared with about $3 he'd expect to pay for Google Apps. Our recent outsourcing survey finds most people like SaaS and cloud computing: 37% say they perform better at lower cost. But 18% say they perform better at a higher cost. That may be fine, but has any SaaS vendor given you that Cadillac sales pitch lately--that it's not cheaper but better? Even slightly cheaper might not be enough, given the potential compliance and vendor viability risks.

Agreed they are not always cheap and in many scenarios and can become costly if based on per user…

Microsoft OSC stomping Google Buzz!: Round 1

Google tends to have an image of being the better design and engineering company than Microsoft, well think again. I just tried the Microsoft Outlook's Social Connector and I think it beats Google Buzz hands-down. Email as the from of communication is recognized as losing its central role with the social networking sits and their integration to our daily lives. So, we see Google/Microsoft camps vying with the ideas like google wave, buzz and now microsoft's outlook connector all eyeing to bridge the gap by allowing their end users to upload and download info from anywhere.  The Outlook Social Connector works with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Google Buzz has received a very underwhelming response, has been confusing in terms of following and unfollowing (Google's lame attempt in trying to catch the twitter idea in email), and privacy concerns which spawned a lawsuit against Google. A mis-step from a company known for its premier engineering.

Contrastingly the Outlook social …

The New Face of Business Computing

Business has a new face: increasing commoditization, globalization, mobility, and collaboration define today's technologies. Enterprise business is conducted without wires, between mobile devices, across social networking sites, and in the virtual environment. IT departments must heed the call: The call is to use socially merging technologies to satisfy users in number of ways and connecting with them at the call and beck of their convenience.

Markets and Customers in those markets will no longer come to you but will access you over the phone, social networks, web pages and the attention span is less than an average of four seconds and in that four seconds business's have to react to get their attention, assess their needs and cater to those needs. The freedom of choice and freedom of accessibility of those choices is delivered through technology. So business's not only have to harness technology as tool and a solution engineered not only as strategy but more importantly a…

How To: Set up dual band WiFi and juice up the downloads!

A lot has been talked about 60Hz Wi-Fi products coming into market in the latter half o f this year. These tri-band wi-fi devices will be capable of seamlessly flick your high def content like blu ray to multiple devices over your home or across the internet. 60 Ghz is reserved for high bandwidth applications and will probably will have certification protocols and such applications written to handle that kind of bandwidth.  Traditional Wi-Fi networks are 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands so when 60GHz becomes a reality, that's when transfer of bits at extremely high speeds will be seamless.  I have a run down here from Nilay Patel from Engadget who had a cool tutorial of how to set up a dual-band WIFi and juice up your speeds while downloading that important file or that cool app (or apps) to your laptop.  So here you go on How to: Set up  dual band WIFi and juice up those downloads: 
Yeah, we think you should make the switch. Let's come right out with it -- you should be running a dual-ban…

Streaming Your Content To Your PS3 & HDTV

Last weekend I spend about 30 minutes routing my digital content stored on my PC desktop and iMAC's on home network to my PS3 to access it over my high def TVs, it worked like a charm. I was surprised to see forums all over the internet almost saying its impossible to do so. So here is the run down of the steps you need to follow:

1) First use your Blu-ray remote to go into the PS3 settings. Under settings you will scroll through a gazillion options till you reach the last option which says Network Settings >> Media Server Connection and enable the feature this allows the PS# to detect networked computers running Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) server software.

2) First we will configure the Media player 11 or 12 on your PC. Windows users have a number of options when routing their media files from their PCs. You can install TVersity media and PS3 Media Server which have paid and free versions which can be used to set up your streaming. But Since everybody doesn't want to…