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•10:20 AM
iWell I decided to take a break from the Governance posts but not for long, just to put interesting stuff up here, I want to share two iPAD cases that I love...sorry and so far the only two that have impressed me are Twelvesouth's BookBook & Dodocase. There are thousands out there but these two give a good old book feel.

Check out first:

This one really looks like you are helping the cause of antique or collector books but you are secretly hiding a iPAD. This is the same company that makes the well known BookArc for the macbook pro and the iPad.

The other one is the well known San Francisco maker: 

If you want a good leather folio moleskin look that is sturdy and good looking even when it stands this one's for you.

Both cases are leather and look really cool. They are priced at $69.99 and $59.95. The price though little steep is worth it for its very clean and classic looks. The one advantage with the dodocase is the wood casing inside. Makes it a little bit sturdier when it stands, just a point I thought that made it a better choice between the two but all five stars for both in looks.

Tweet which one you like of the top two? Let me know.

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