Author: Sam Kurien
•10:31 AM
OK I didn't want to post something on service level management on the very first day of the new year but here it is. I find it fascinating that Marketing Management and Service level Management implementations within the IT framework are so similar.The end result of any SLM process is satisfying the customer's requirement for that specific time not over-delivering.  So here is the run down on the the 14 activities of a good SLM.

1. Confirming stakeholders, managers in key business areas and customers
2. Maintaining accurate information within the Service Catalog and Service Portfolio
3. Being flexible and responsive to the needs of the customer
4. Developing a full understanding of the customer, customer's organization and strategies
5. Regularly sampling the customer experience (This is an interest area for me because metrics will reveal treatments in the service level adjustments, development of new products/services and new strategies)
6. Conducting customer surveys and acting on the results
7. Ensuring that the correct relationship processes are in place to achieve objectives.
8. Marketing and exploiting the Service Portfolio and Service Catalog
9. Assisting with the maintenance of a list of outstanding improvements.
10. Ensuring that the organization and customers understand their responsibilities
11. Facilitating the negotiation of SLR's and SLA's
12. Raising the awareness of the business benefits when using new technology.
13. Promoting service awareness. (this is important because that will produce the appropriate perception)
14. Ensuring that IT provides the most appropriate levels of service.

Thoughts on new year's day.

Sam Kurien
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