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About Me...And This Blog

The following is hopefully all of the interesting information you would need to know about me. I tried to make the narrative slightly humorous while being still relevant. I have been quite fortunate to simultaneously wear many hats for the past 17 years years both online/offline/in the matrix/off the matrix/in the grid/off the grid. This page is a small step towards me bridging the gap between all these worlds I enter and vanish into given the concept/boundaries of time and space. This page will likely re-edit itself as technology matures along with the changes in my life.

:// Likes:

I am a Christian born to reflect to glory of my creator; I am mostly sane thanks to the sitcoms In the Middle, Psych, The Big Bang Theory; would love to make Cooperism a standards compliant language; believe the color blue to be vastly superior to all other colors; I have met Jackie Chan in real life; love messianic worship music (Paul Wilbur is my favorite) am a huge fan of MLTR, U2, Josh Turner, Hans Zimmer; love all animation movies made by Pixar & Carlos Saldana;  am a design fanatic (specially industrial design & Software UI Design); love functional and beautiful things; love complexity and simplicity at all levels; secretly study Astronomy, cartography and history in my spare time;

:// travels

Programming a map API of the places I have been...

:// commandments (read carefully you can't miss these)

1. I blog for fun, learning, profit and the fans– two of which are non-existent.
2. I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless persuaded by a lot of money (see rule #1).
3. I never make mistakes, ever. Well only sometimes...but again very rarely.
4. This blog will contain everything from technology, management, science, nerd, geek and greek and while reading thou shall not pass out. Disclaimer: Any medical emergency happening while reading this blog will not be the responsibility of the author.
5. If you are here you are not only obliged but you are commanded to comment and give only good comments so to prove the latter part of rule #1 is hypothetically wrong.
6. Thou shall share this blog with everybody and evangelize it on my behalf and for doing so you will not even get a single penny for it.
7. Thou shall read, learn and throw the information out of your head as fast as possible, because its outdated when you are done.
8. Do not ask me any questions, I don't have time to answer.
9. If you like what you read...please follow rule # 5 and if you don't want to follow rule # 5 you can always send money (all checks, paypal, money orders, cash in envelope accepted) and you will be excused for not following rule #5.
10. Come back for more (see rule #7)


Where are you?

Again one of those silly wait..trying to understand the "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"...actually lost in Time or in cyberspace or in Space ...don't know if you find me ...let me know.

Are you honest and unbiased?

No. Inquire today about my competitive rates for biased opinions and reviews, discounts available for bulk purchases.

The posts on this blog are provided ‘AS IS’ with no warranties, and confer no rights. The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view, my window’s view, my mac views, or my Arch Nemesis’s view or the view from some place very high (I will probably get in trouble for saying this).

Why do you blog?

Don't be silly with such rhetorical questions just read the information above. or you can just read the answer below:

I blog because I am passionate about leadership, management and technology and how it can serve the larger community of kingdom building. I believe there is no difference in the secular and sacred for a Christian who strives to bridge and bring God's Kingdom rule in everything. I have stopped seeing them as separate but holistically one. I evangelize people about my very biased kingdom opinions.  I am  also here to read all those boring books, manuals, white-papers, black-papers and patents, and would be patent applications so you don’t have to suffer. I’m totally doing this for money and fame. No doubt about it. I’m literally swimming in money at your expense. (all sarcasms are copyright protected)

What will this blog span?

Well I really don't know but I aim to write about software technologies, technology in general, management, enterprise architecture, occasionally industrial design, interactive design and usability, lots of tutorials (when i get time eventually), product reviews, project management CMMI, ITIL, data governance models and in general all with an emphasis that technology is not an answer to everything but a means/tools to solve problems and create solutions. I also plan to pen here my other interests sketches on yacht design and astronomy,

://Final Comments:

Let’s get in touch (nah..not really)

Whether you’re a sweet person or a not so sweet person or remotely operated multi-million dollar company and would like to send me exciting products for review, a prince (or even better a princess) who has recently inherited great wealth, or someone like a tipster with insider information, feel free to email me at

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IT as a Innovation Partner in Business

Usually in Business organizations and especially in organizations where R&D is a separate department itself a tension persists on keeping the IT department away from any decision when it comes to innovation or process improvement. In short the IT department is generally seen as less of a help and more of a hindrance to innovation efforts. One of the main reasons is traditionally information systems are designed to impose structure on process, achieve pre-defined goals, produce metrics and minimize need for human interaction (in some case over maximize human interaction leading to nothing but "meetings").

While Innovation activities are highly unstructured and emergent, IT cannot be ignored or kept in isolation because IT can help in visualization tools, data mining efforts, uncover hidden relationships between data and create tools of knowledge management/information repository that so desperately is needed cross functionally but especially by the innovators within a org…

Analysis of SAP’s Platform Strategy

The software industry has been through high and lows up with the constant advent of new technological innovations and rapid changes in the global economic landscapes. SAP is the leading enterprise application software giant started by Hasso Plattner. The rise of Enterprise application industries started in early eighty’s with organizations needing one single software program that was capable of serving the multiple needs and functions of various departments. One single enterprise-wide application software means integrating applications that fused together for the smooth exchange and extraction of information. For example when customer services sold a product and got stock updated in the inventory by the warehouse people and the same data could be pulled by the Finance department. Enterprise Application software’s were designed exactly to do the latter mentioned processes seamlessly. SAP started by break away engineer’s Plattner and group build the company on strong engineering fort…

How Dashboards can mislead

Read an interesting article from John Shapiro professor at Northwestern Kellog on how dashboards can mislead executives and I cannot agree more. To be honest, I love visualization of data and have pushed my data architects and report writers to give me snapshots of various measures but how often the rich data didn't mean anything as it did not align with organizational goals. Even more, what information is important to me is not necessarily relevant to other executives in the organization.  Data analytics visualized on dashboards typically describe existing measures on past phenomena, some better ones predict future events and past data and the best one prescribe a course of corrective or strategic actions.

Shapiro talks about three types of traps executives can fall for:

1. The Context Trap:  We equate empirical data to the objective. I have blatantly used the cliche "numbers don't lie." But this belief can be dangerous because we can track wrong measures or metrics…