Author: Sam Kurien
•3:32 PM
Last year we worked on requirements for Zion Hospital in Chicago for a mapping kiosk application, the project never reached to its implementation stage but the software UI designed was envisioned since my HKG days when I knew that touch screen kiosks were going to be big in accessing and serving up information in the easiest possible manner at public hot spots. I had first seen these beautiful touch-screen kiosk interfaces at the IFC tower in Hong Kong and the screen showed a 3D interface of all the different levels of offices and shops along with your current position and the easiest path to get to your destination. After I had seen this, the common sight on streets of Hong Kong was observing tourists holding their maps and trying to figure out where the nearest MTR station is or searching for the nearest restaurant is or where the next touristy spot was and what bus/taxi/subway connections take.

The interface attempt for the hospital sprung up from design ideas of installing standing or hanging touch screen kiosks like the ones shown below:

Here is the interface design we came up with, the idea of the touch application was to access information as fast as possible. The maintenance of these units can remotely be done with software updates released over the internet. Payment applications can also be built if there is a need for providing info on pay/access model. Click on the images below to open them in a new window.

Now you tell me what you think how  the usability of these interfaces can be improved. 


Sam Kurien
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