Author: Sam Kurien
•8:15 PM
I have been reading and discussing a lot about user interfaces and the ideas of how intrefaces are going to change the way we interact with different systems. Pranav Mistry's from MIT media labs talk on of his research on sixth sense technology is one aspect of these kinds of development we have seen lately. My favorite place these days on the web is following Microsoft's vision of the future and the neat research they are doing. Feel free to follow their blog and get a perspective on what's happening there. I have included here a video for you to enjoy. Most of the scenery you see in the video is Hong Kong, Chep Lap Kok Airport and buildings in Central, HKG.

Talking about productivity when it comes to user interface's these words pop in my mind "Intuitive", "simple", "logical" (even for dummies), "transference" (digital to real world and real world to digital).
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