Author: Sam Kurien
•7:37 AM

So as suspected Google wants to give you the ability to print from any web centric mobile device copying the way Apple has shown that it is moving the .mac service. One of the biggest problem with the Chrome OS and the browser in general in my opinion the lack of printer stacking or drivers that can be recognized on the fly. The way they are or will be trying to overcome this for the Chrome OS as per the grapevine is - when a print request is send into the cloud it will come to what they call 'Google-stations' which will translate those instructions to the nearest printer, before that sending a signal to retrieve the type of printer and thereby update the drivers if missing on the 'Google-station' and resending the translated instructions of data over the internet. I have used apps over my iphone that do a similar thing but updating and recognizing the printer via the cloud is more easier said than done.  Though a database of all the printers ever made can be built, the challenge however will be about the driver compilation process and updates along the way and of course with minor details :) like overcoming firewall's and penetrating networks will be something all mobile geeks can dream of...right?

Check out the design docs and first hand look at the free code at Chromium website


Sam Kurien
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