Author: Sam Kurien
•8:16 PM
Innovation comes in different forms/flavors and fall into different categories. Talking about categories some of them fall into expensive ones while others stare jeeringly from opposite spectrum of the price band. I love it when new product design and innovations falls in the least expensive category because more people can afford it and from the business perspective you can make much more money. Didn't Swatch the in-expensive watch maker take control over expensive brand watch companies?. Also on a different note though the automobile's internal combustion engine is a marvelous invention, the windshield wiper is an equally innovating invention that has saved millions of lives in tough weather situations.

Well today's review is on iPad stands. One of them, called the 'Joule', has the whopping sticker price of $129 and the other one, merely $0.69, was discovered by New York Time multimedia editor Andrew Devignal who picked up the cheap plastic card holder and converted it into an iPad stand. Creative ideas and innovation at its best...

The fancy-schmancy expensive 'Joule' looks nice, though...I am not going to spend $129...will gladly let the makers of 'Joule' be on their jolly good way to file chapter 11 for a dumb pricing model.


Sam Kurien
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