Author: Sam Kurien
•3:43 PM
Last weekend I spend about 30 minutes routing my digital content stored on my PC desktop and iMAC's on home network to my PS3 to access it over my high def TVs, it worked like a charm. I was surprised to see forums all over the internet almost saying its impossible to do so. So here is the run down of the steps you need to follow:

1) First use your Blu-ray remote to go into the PS3 settings. Under settings you will scroll through a gazillion options till you reach the last option which says Network Settings >> Media Server Connection and enable the feature this allows the PS# to detect networked computers running Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) server software.

2) First we will configure the Media player 11 or 12 on your PC. Windows users have a number of options when routing their media files from their PCs. You can install TVersity media and PS3 Media Server which have paid and free versions which can be used to set up your streaming. But Since everybody doesn't want to download third party software we will continue our tutorial with media player. Open up media player and go to Library and right click then choose the option Media Sharing. Check the box next to "Share my media to" and selected either PSP3 or Unknown Device (if the former doesn't appear).

3) If you are using media player 12 the option will be under the Stream menu - "Turn On Media Sharing" and a dailog box will popup listing all the devices and again if the PS3 is not listed it will show you the unknown devices and customize it to say "Allowed"

4) If you are using mac OS X you can save all the hassle of unix commands by spending $20 on a software by as the free version is valid only for 30 minutes. Once you have downloaded the PS3 integration software on your iMAC for bringing in content like music, videos, movies and TV shows from iTunes, you will see medialink icon in the status bar and system preferences. 

5) Click on the medialink icon in System preferences and select the folders, or applications that Medialink devices can be enabled. 

That's all to it. Turn on your PS3 player and your HDTV and you will see all your content and ready to stream your stuff on the PC and mac right to your high definition TV....Enjoy.!!!

If you have questions or comments please feel free to write your bits...would love to hear. Till the next...

Sam Kurien
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