Author: Sam Kurien
•1:23 PM
Regress means to go backward. How did the term regression come to be? Sir Francis Glaton (1822-1911)  was the first one to apply regression techniques on biological and psychological data. He observed data in heights of tall parents and found that often taller than average parents tended to have children who were also taller than average but not as tall as their parents. Galton called this fact "regression" toward the mean and the name came to be applied to statistical method.

A regression line is very important measure in research then because a regression line summarizes the relationship between independent and dependent variables. as in specific settings one of the variables helps explaining or predicting the other.

Why am I relating this here? I remember a year I talked about visual mapping with mind map, certainly our brain does not always think in linear fashion, thoughts, ideas projects, to do's, likes, dislikes, desires, passions, etc are all over the place. So the question is while amassing information on architecture can you take your visual mindmap and plot out a linear regression?


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