Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Things I learnt last week that I never knew

I am starting a practice. Hopefully, it will hold up to record every week 10 things in my readings and watchings that I never knew about. Kind of like "wow" it's good to know this or something like the lines of thinking that "it's a neat reason or is fascinating how this came together, and now I understand in my mental models how it all fits together." So here we go:

1. The first typewriter was first called the "The writing Harpsichord."

2. Cerebral spinal fluid in the brain is responsible for cleaning waste from brain cells. And there are no lymphatic vessels in the brain (who knew :)). The brain's ingenious system of cleaning - creator's design.

3. Benjamin Rich's definition of 'white opia.' His TED talk is humorous and brings home the message racism can exist even without racists.

4. 10 nations have more that 15000 or more nuclear weapons. This stockpile has to be dismantled and converted to use nuclear power.  When Russians and American decided to cooperate and work together many of these weapons were decommissioned and powered bulbs in America.

5. Howe seemingly unwanted inventions done in fun or no particular purpose can become building blocks for significant future breakthroughs. Case example: Flute made from bones.

6. The first musical box was made by three brothers in Baghdad that led French inventor Jacques Vucanson to carry the same idea into weaving patterns of colors in a power loom using cylinders.

7. The French inventors inspired Charles Babbage to build the programmable punched cards.

8. Interesting scripts and apps in Kali Linux

9. How fake news is not only a major problem in news media and social media outlets it is precisely following the business models designed for them to search out sensationalized content, publish and capitalize on short-term returns.

10.  Eric Whitacre's projects virtual choir 1.0 and 2.0 is breathtakingly moving bringing people from cultures in one beautiful symphony. Worth listening will move your soul!

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