Author: Sam Kurien
•10:11 PM
I like the attempt made by Bloom's student Lorin Anderson on the revised taxonomy however I still like Benjamin Bloom's original usage of the word 'Creating'  rather than evaluating when a learner reaches level 6. Knowledge/information and understanding are essential building blocks at level 1 and 2 however at the highest level a student who demonstrates to create something new has reached or surpassed the current body of knowledge giving him or her the unique ability to add something new. Creating reflects that sentiment more appropriately. We are born to be creators and have the creative ability built into our DNA. All learning, understanding, and body of knowledge are moving towards that idea or innate need for us to create. This differentiates us from other species.  The student has reached a level where their new contribution either adds, expands and more appropriately to say creatively helps practitioners the ability to apply their newly found gifts.  Here is a diagram that compares the 1956 version and the 21 century evolved version of Bloom's famous framework visual.

I like the verbs used in the cognitive domain to describe level 6 however one word CREATE I think captures the essence of it all in its ultimate form. For your information here are the measurable verbs.

Level VI: The student will be able to: Assemble, Appraise, Argue, Assess, Choose, Compare, Conclude, Cons&&idea, Construct, Contrast, Convince, Create, Critique, Decide, Defend, Determine, Discriminate, Develop, Estimate, Evaluate, Explain, Formulate, Grade, Judge, Justify, Measure, Predict, Rank, Rate, Recommend, Revise, Score, Select, Standardize, Summarize, Support, Test, Validate, Verify, Write.
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