Author: Sam Kurien
•7:01 AM
OK I have been meaning to do this for a long time, in the past many incarnations of my so called tech blog have appeared and disappeared in cyber space from time to time but as I get into the habitual writing, learning and exploring things, I hope this one lives on the internet for some time. And for that time I hope to put my thoughts here as I learn and explore stuff in the technology realm and its confluence with business. It will be an effort to outpour my rants, raves, geek, nerd, business, sci-fi, far and near future in form of bits and bytes mostly (so far haven't figured out how I will use bricks, but it rhymed in the title) in the up coming blogs here. So, bear with me and hopefully you will like what you read here. If you are interested I also run (I mean write)  a faith based blog called sdnautilus  (strange name isn't it...will let you know the tech nomenclature secret in the future here) where I write about my spiritual journey in things that I am learning as a Christian.
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