Author: Sam Kurien
•7:34 AM
Almost two weeks ago the Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, all the speculations and the almost two year frenzy of expectation, rumors and what it will be came to an end with this beautiful product launch. Though priced a little high, lets cut to the chase before the praise at the end of the day its merely a giant ipod touch. From the form factor point of view I like the product but am thoroughly disappointed especially after keeping tabs on 'Microsoft Courier'. If you haven't seen that one I have included a video for your right here.

So my takes of what the the iPad should have been. From the video above you may have guessed it right away, dual screen that closed as a portflio file would have been cool with features of flicking things from one screen to another of utomost importance. At least 128 GB starting solid state hard drive with options that would upto at least 1TB, a minimum of 5 mega pixel camera and ability to make video conferencing calls and some really cool software to do the magic video meeting well. I can dream Apple can't I? Ports that can connect to video camera's and all the the good wireless connectivities.

From the business point of view, Apple did take a gamble at pricing it at $499 but analysts say they did it with a wiggle room of bringing down the prices in new feature releases to $199 but we all know how Apple plays the game but to begin with they should have started off with some basic stuff and left the industry behind...aren't they supposedly famed for doing that...I am now beginning to wonder!
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